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Childcare apprenticeships - Your study survival guide

Want to give yourself the best chance of completing your childcare apprenticeship? Check out our study survival guide below!


Benefits that apprentices bring to your setting

Ever thought of hiring a young childcare apprentice? Here are 8 great reasons why you definitely should!


How does sensory play build language?

It’s white and furry, lives where it is very cold and is a type of bear. Can you guess what ...


Understanding autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability which affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also ...


The importance of balance for Early Years

Introducing children to nutritiously balanced foods at snack and mealtimes throughout their early years provides them with a critical foundation ...


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Nursery that lets parents watch their children on CCTV celebrates anniversary

Munchkins nursery, in Holland-on-Sea, allows parents to watch what their children get up to on CCTV, and a year on ...


Staff at nursery feel lucky after intruders break in but steal nothing

Last Wednesday, Glenfield nursery was broken into, fortunately however the intruders left empty handed. The incident was reported to the police ...


Mother is fighting for her daughter to be allowed to start reception a year later as she is “not ready”

A mother of a young girl is fighting to delay her child starting reception class by a year because she ...


Pre-school fights inspection results

Little Chums Pre-school in Lingfield  was told by Ofsted to improve and now the owner of the setting is fighting ...


Former nursery manager avoids jail

A former nursery manager who stole £14,000 from Busy Bees nursery has been spared jail after promising to pay back ...



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