A Guide to policies and procedures in Early Years settings


Policies and procedures in nurseryFollowing on from our article, Opening a nursery, we’ve had a number of new childcare business owners request guidance on implementing policies and procedures into their setting.

Ofsted requires all settings to have a set of policies and procedures. Policies should be clear and concise and revised regularly to make sure they reflect best practice. Writing these can seem daunting but they are essential for the smooth running of your business and the welfare of children, staff, parents/carers and committee members.

Please find some useful links below that can assist with creating policies and procedures in early years. If there are methods or best practice that you could recommend, please leave your comments below.

Useful links;

Our short online courses
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Policies and Procedures in early years and childcare
Source: Surrey County Council

An essential guide to policies and procedures supplied by the NDNA

HR 4 Nurseries – Professional, friendly HR experts in the early years sector who can offer their experience and advise on your next steps.

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