Smarter working for childminders and smaller settings


Problems you come up against every day

There are several problems that all childminders or smaller settings experience day to day. You may be able to relate to some of them:

  • You need to be organised as you have a lot of children of all different ages coming through the door. Each brings their own bag, shoes, coat etc
  • You get little time to yourself during the day, as when the children are sleeping you are either tidying or preparing for the next activity
  • You need to be good at forward planning activities to keep children occupied throughout the day, and juggle this with things like making their lunch
  • You need to keep track of how much each parent owes you, so that they don’t fall into arrears
  • You need to be able to calculate free entitlement and include this when you charge parents.


What’s stopping you from making changes to make these problems easier to bear?

You may have already thought about investing in online tools to help you make the most of your day and help your setting save money.  However, there are some barriers that have stopped you before, such as:

  • Money –  we know that people who care for children don’t have much money to spare at the end of the month.  But what if we could save you more money than what you spent on improvements to the way you work?
  • Habit  –if you have always relied on hand written notes and lists…you would be reluctant to change your way of working. But what if we could give you back an extra hour each day?
  • Technophobia  –  This is the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. You might have it! But what if you could access your software using one click and have ongoing support when you needed it?

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Your day, transformed

Imagine, for a minute, that you took the plunge and decided to try using our simple online software to see whether it really could transform the way your setting or childminding business worked.  Your typical day might look like this


When parents arrive first thing in the morning, use the daily register that you have printed off to record the child’s arrival. No need to keep messy, hand written lists anymore.


When you prepare snacks for the mid morning, you would like to check that none of your children are allergic to tomatoes.  At a glance of the screen, you can quickly see that one child does have an intolerance.  Time has been saved by quickly being able to locate this information.


One of the children, Chloe, is celebrating her 4th birthday next week, which was fed into your online diary automatically when she registered at your setting.   You decide to plan a craft activity around making birthday cards. Never again will you forget important dates like birthdays or holidays.


When parents are in a rush to pick up their children and leave, this can be the worst time to try to chase them for payment.  You say goodbye to the last child, make yourself a cup of tea, and at a click of a button – you will easily be able to calculate free entitlement and send invoices to parents electronically. No more awkward conversations, no more hours lost on putting together invoices.

So, what’s different now from the way you worked before?

  • You are not spending time writing down endless checklists and registers
  • You do not have to have awkward conversations about fees with parents
  • You can easily look up medical information for each child
  • You will never forget key dates such as birthdays and holidays
  • You will no longer struggle to calculate free entitlement

The result?

Less time spent on the things that give you headaches and more time to spend providing quality childcare.


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