6 benefits of social media for your nursery


Last year, 38 million adults used the internet every day or almost every day. Social media has become one the major success factors over the past decade and has seen us alter the way we communicate and keep in touch with people close to us. It’s also drastically changed the way we purchase services, interact with businesses and give feedback.

Let’s explore the major benefits social media has for your setting:

1) You can find new customers easily

In 2015, Facebook surpassed the mark for having 1 billion active accounts worldwide. Having a social media page gives you instant access to an audience of millions of parents in the UK, and is one of the easiest ways to help you find new parents in the local area.

2) You can get instant feedback

Having a social media page for your nursery allows parents to share their feedback when you ask for it, instantly. When one person writes a comment, it sets the ball rolling for others to do the same and before you know it, everyone’s sharing their thoughts with you!

3) You can share information quickly

Research suggests that the amount of time that British smartphone users check or use their handset is 221 times, on average. Because parents are constantly monitoring their Facebook and likely have alerts set up on their mobile, they can quickly check information that you’ve posted on social media.

4) You can market your setting with no budget

Setting up a social media page is completely free, so if you’ve a limited marketing budget then this is the single most effective way you can make your presence known to more people. If you’d like help creating yours, we offer a unique social media package to get you started.

5) You can use it as a recruiting tool

A recent study has found that 16-24 year olds used the internet for recreational activities like social networking, more than any other age group.  Why not try advertising your next job vacancy for a young childcare apprentice or practitioner on your social network page? Not only will it cost you absolutely nothing, you’ll probably be overwhelmed by the response!

6) You can use it to get ahead of other providers

Have you ever thought of talking to parents about your nursery’s social media page on a showround? Parents will be impressed that your nursery is adaptable and keeps up with digital technology, but having this page to keep in contact with parents may also be the one factor which helps give you the advantage over your competitors.

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