7 ways to upskill your team on a budget


Broadening the knowledge base of your employees is very beneficial to your business. Investing in training for your staff will help unlock their potential and give them more confidence in their abilities. Regular training is also vital to help your team stay up-to-date with best practice so they can provide children with the best quality of care.

However, it’s not always possible to set aside a big budget to do this. So, we explore 8 interesting ways you can help upskill your employees (without breaking the bank!).

1. Train staff in other areas

Make sure you give your staff members the opportunity to do learn how to do tasks which don’t directly relate to their role, but are helpful to the business as a whole. So, make sure everyone knows how to answer the phone, book in a show round or take down parents’ details from a new enquiry.

2. Ask about free software training

If you use nursery management software, ask if your software provider offers free training for their customers. If you use Abacus, you and your staff can all have face-to-face training at the Parenta head office at no extra cost. You’ll even get lunch and drinks given to you for free!

3. Start up skill-sharing sessions

Once a month, hold a workshop for all your staff where one person shares their skills or knowledge on a topic of their choice relating to childcare. This is a good way to capitalise on existing skills that people have within your team.

4. Open up your setting to new classes

Gauge parents’ interest in classes for their children (such as dance or music-making) for a small additional cost. Then, if a certain activity is popular, you can book these in on a trial basis. As well as benefitting your children, your practitioners will be able to learn a lot from taking part in these sessions.

5. Ask what training is needed

When it comes to reviewing your staff member’s performance, ask them whether they think they need any specific training to help them in their role. You may be able to pair them up with an existing staff member to show them how to do something they’d really like to learn.

6. Check out your local council’s website

Visit your local council’s website to see what free courses they offer which may be beneficial for staff at your setting.  If there’s a particular type of training that you’re looking for which you can’t find, it would be worthwhile getting in contact with them as they normally run different courses throughout the year.

7. Explore short courses

Why not consider signing up your staff for an online short course? These types of courses are really good for CPD and can be completed from the comfort of home. Parenta offer courses covering promoting creativity, managing risk, observing children and much more!

Looking to sign up your staff for childcare training? We can help!
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