How to deal with difficult customers


Working in any customer facing profession comes with its more trying times, but try to remember to keep calm and never forget that the customer is always right! We know that it can sometimes be hard to keep a level head and that’s why we’ve devised a short ‘how-to’ to help you cope in these situations.


Parents who are frustrated or making a complaint want to be listened to, but they also want to be understood. Maintain eye contact and keep a straight posture to show them that you are listening attentively; this will help you appear professional and in control.

By listening closely, you’re also a lot more likely to understand what it is they are asking for. This means that you can come up with a solution to their problem quickly – preventing the customer from getting more frustrated.

Avoid blaming

Try to avoid blaming the customer or the company you work for (even if this appears to be the easy solution) as this is likely to cause more problems as it will look like you’re evading responsibility for dealing with the issue.

The best thing to do if they’re blaming the company is to ask questions to make sure you understand the situation completely, avoid singling out who or what is to blame, even if you know – simply apologise and try to correct the issue.

Get a manager

Try and solve the problem as best as you can, however if you can’t then you may need to grab a manager as they will have more authority in decision-making and know what to do.

In this situation, let the customer vent their frustrations, before then explaining that you want to help them as best as you can, however for this you would need a manager – they will understand. You can then explain to the manager what the issue is so that they can then deal with it accordingly.

Tell them that you care

Even the nicest of people can become angry or unreasonable when they get frustrated; it’s natural for parents to be passionate when their children are involved. Tell them that you care, and you want to help them come to a solution; not only will this help to defuse the situation but they will also leave feeling confident in your ability to help them in the future.

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