8 things you can do to instantly improve your mood


Being in a good mood all day, every day is next to impossible. However, we’ve put together a few helpful tips to give you the boost you need the next time you’re feeling down or having a particularly stressful day!

  1. Do a good deed

Helping a community, individual or charity gives you a feel-good a factor. Researchers believe that this is because it increases empathy and makes you appreciate all the good things in your own life, resulting in a boost of happiness.

  1. Declutter

Keeping your house, room or working space organised can help relieve anxiety. Clutter can be a reminder that things that should be done, haven’t been which can bring you down and make it harder to keep motivated. If you don’t have time to organise your space, simply make sure you put things away neatly.

  1. Go for a walk

Take time out of your day to just go for a walk, whether it be around the block, to the shops, taking the dog for a walk or simply to see how far you can go. Fresh air and sunlight exposure a couple of times a day can help relieve sleep problems and reduce depression, according to light and sleep expert Daniel Kripke.

  1. Light your favourite candle

Fill your house or workspace with your favourite scented candle to keep you calm and smiling throughout the day. A few drops into an oil diffuser works in a similar way and researchers found that those exposed to fragrant scents during the day were much calmer and happier than those that weren’t.

  1. Look through old photos

Flicking through photos of family and friends or holiday snaps can help you relive happy memories and leave you feeling emotionally boosted afterwards. Researchers found that those looking at personal photos came away feeling 11% better, whilst those watching TV, listening to music, eating chocolate or sipping alcohol only had a mood increase of 1%.

  1. Put on a smile

Studies show that muscular changes in your face can boost happiness: it’s called the blush effect. To add a proper blush to your face you need to smile! Smiling also has a knock-on effect with the people around you, making them happier and more relaxed.

  1. Take a time out

Having some time to yourself to enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude can also create joy. Give yourself some alone time after a hectic day, even if it’s just to close your eyes and think about something you want to do like a holiday, your weekend plans or how you’re going to spend your evening.

  1. Write down the good things

At the end of the day, take 2 minutes to think about all the good things that happened during your day. It might be that you had a good laugh in the office, your hair looked nice, or you made a good decision about something that’s been bothering you. Whatever it is, write it down and remember to take the good things out of every day and move on from the bad. You’ll go to bed feeling happier and more relaxed.

It’s always important to take time every day to do something that will make you happy and keep your health and wellbeing in check. For more health and wellness tips, follow the link below!


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