7 top tips to beat fatigue


Feeling tired at work? Is your body feeling sluggish and your mind constantly drifting off into space? Here are a few tips to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward all day, every day.

  1. Make sure you’re sleeping enough

If you’re struggling to sleep at night then it’s natural that you’ll be feeling tired and low throughout the day. Try getting yourself into a sleep routine by going to bed and getting up at the same time, even at the weekend.

  1. Manage causes of stress

Isolate the cause of your stress and try to resolve the issue. If work is causing you to feel stressed out then try to create a barrier between your work life and your leisure; giving you enough time to switch off before bed. Stress can be one of the reasons people struggle to sleep, so by trying to create this divide you’ll find yourself more relaxed before bed – allowing for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  1. Eat well

What you eat can have a huge impact on how you feel and a well-balanced diet can help you to avoid that sluggish feeling. Make sure you’re eating 3 main meals a day and that these are a healthy mix of good nutritious foods to set you up for the day. Keeping your blood sugar level is also a key factor in avoiding fatigue, so make sure you’re eating enough carbs!

  1. Avoid caffeine in the evening

Caffeine is great if you want to give yourself a boost and stay awake…but if you’re trying to make sure you’re sleeping well then try to avoid any caffeinated drinks during the late afternoon or evening. A study in the Journal of Clinic Sleep Medicine revealed that a caffeine dose similar to that of a large shop-bought coffee appeared to disrupt sleep even when taken a whole six hours before bedtime!

  1. Exercise

Physical activity helps to boost energy levels and avoid fatigue. It’ll also help you get out any excess energy you have, preparing you for a good night’s rest. If you’re feeling tired, it can be difficult to feel motivated enough to exercise but once you’re into a routine, it’ll be much easier to maintain.

  1. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol can be great for helping you to relax, however, it’s also prone to making you feel tired. It acts as a sedative to the central nervous system which results in making you feel sleepy after a couple of drinks. Even if you’re just drinking before bed, the effects can continue into your sleep giving you a restless night and an even more disturbed sleep – making you tired the next day.

  1. Spend time outdoors

Try spending at least 10 minutes a day outside, as breathing in fresh air will help to reinvigorate you. Going for a walk is a great way to relax and get anything that’s bothering you off your mind, as well as helping to reduce that common afternoon fatigue that sets in after lunch.


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