6 top tips to save money on your food bills


Food is a huge part of our monthly outgoings with the average weekly shop totalling at £58.80 per week – that’s 11% of your household expenditure! So we understand how hard it can be when trying to outweigh the costs of eating healthily. Here are a few tips on how you can tighten your belt and stay healthy at the same time!

  1. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

Doing your weekly shop on an empty stomach is a no go. You’re guaranteed to come back with more food than you planned for as you’ll be craving something to take the edge of your hunger pangs. For future shops, make sure you plan to do them after eating a main meal, or have a light snack first.

  1. Take a shopping list

Wandering aimlessly around a supermarket is a definite way to end up with mismatched items in your trolley and you’re more likely to forget something important too! Keep a shopping list of everything missing in your cupboards and be sure to have meals in mind so that you’re buying complimenting items.

  1. Buy seasonal produce

Make sure you’re buying your fruit and veg when it’s in season as it’ll be much cheaper. In the summer this would be your berries and plums as well as broccoli, fresh greens and tomatoes; whilst in the winter it would be more apples, pears, potatoes and red cabbages. You can find an extensive list here.

  1. Don’t pay for bottled water

Instead of paying for bottled water, drink it straight from the tap! Keep water cold or filtered with a fridge cooler and provide yourself with your own water for the week. Try swapping your fizzy drinks for low sugar/sugar-free squash to save on money and benefit your health, too.  

  1. Buy frozen over fresh

If you find yourself continuously throwing out fresh produce then try buying frozen – or even freezing excess fresh fruit you have. Keep portions in separate zip lock bags in your freezer for easy to access fruit and veg that saves you both time and money!

  1. Make your own lunches

Rushing around at work all day means you’re more likely to buy a quick, easy (and usually unhealthy!) lunch… which also adds up across the month. Try using leftovers to make healthy lunches for your family or try batch preparing a pasta or salad at the beginning of the week to save you time in the evenings.

If you’ve got any other great tips you’ve tried that help save money on your food bills then comment below, we’d love to hear them!


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