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What are the benefits to you when using Nursery Managment Software?

If you want to gain more hours during the week to enrich children’s learning opportunities and you work in a setting where there’s no time to spare, then Abacus is the perfect nursery software solution for you! Here are just a few of the key benefits you can enjoy:

  • Save hours of precious time, in fact, our customers stated that using Abacus has reduced the planning and preparation time in their nurseries by 50%!
  • Ensuring all data is stored safely and securely should be a top priority for any business which our system guarantees, giving you peace of mind.
  • Speedy invoicing can save you days using our nursery software, you’ll be able to speed up your billing process by invoicing all your parents in a matter of minutes. Yes, minutes!
  • Quick and easy to understand financial reports that give you complete visibility on how well your setting is performing at a click of a button.

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Like every child, your setting is unique and the difference Abacus software makes to the way you work becomes clearer over time. Here are just 4 ways in which our childcare software can transform the way you manage everyday tasks:

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Keep personal data safe

All the personal data you hold will be protected against loss, damage and unauthorised access with Abacus, allowing you to safeguard each child’s personal information 24/7.

Super fast invoicing abacus page
Super quick invoicing

Abacus includes child care billing software, which allows parents to receive their invoices straight to their inbox.  No more printing reams of paper or excuses about postal deliveries! This leaves you with more time to concentrate on childcare.

Staff management abacus pageEasy staff management

From staff scheduling, to holiday planning and more – Abacus does it all! Abacus lets you know in advance when staff qualifications expire, so you can be confident that children are receiving the highest quality care at all times.

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Remarkable reporting

Abacus allows you to access over 80 different reports which range from finance to occupancy rate, meaning you’ll never lose track of how well your business is performing. A well managed setting = happy staff and therefore, happy children!

What else can Abacus nursery management software do?

Free entitlement calculation, occupancy reporting, carer details, multiple bill payer options, accident/incident notes, voucher payments, daily & weekly registers, attendance tracking, child photo, late payment fees, sibling information, milk reports, holiday booking, personalised invoices, automated room movements… and so much more!

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“Parenta is proud to work in partnership with Nettitude to ensure our online security is rigorously tested. Nettitude is an award winning organisation which helps manage risk around data protection, meaning our customers always have peace of mind that children’s personal data is kept safe.”

Parent Portal

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Parent Portal is an online gateway which provides parents with a connection to their child’s learning journey. They can see practitioners’ observations about their child’s day, how much they have eaten and much more whilst on the go.


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  • The new way to communicate with parents
  • Capture daily activities of all children on a laptop, tablet or pc
  • Customise each child’s day with personal information
  • Send a daily report to all parents at the click of a button

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