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Teachers say investing more in early years education will improve primary results

A survey conducted by global children’s charity Save the Children has revealed that 8 in 10 teachers think that investing more in early year’s education would lead to improved primary school results. Out of the 504 primary school teachers that were surveyed, 79% believed that by investing more in nursery and pre-school provisions, it would […]

Nursery Director comments on Childcare Ratio Cuts…

Sian Nisbett, Director of Dizzy Ducks Day Nurseries and Parenta customer comments on Childcare Ratio Cuts… “So, Liz Truss thinks that the answer to reducing childcare costs is to cut staff ratios? Seriously, what planet is this lady on?! With all due respect, I would like to see her hold this view after spending a day […]

Nursery Comment: Staff Ratios by Sian Nisbett

With so much outrage to the recent announcements, we thought we’d share this statement from an award-winning provider, Sian Nisbett at Dizzy Ducks in Essex.  We would welcome your comments below, which will be shared with Sian, and you can follow them on twitter, or visit their website. “So, Liz Truss thinks that the answer […]

Online software helps nursery operate despite flooding

Despite having flood defences, Horn End Nursery in Stafford was affected by severe flooding. In the early hours of the morning, water levels had risen to 18 inches inside the building making the nursery inaccessible. The majority of paper records and computers were lost and those stored at high levels were inaccessible for 3 days. […]

Polly Anna’s Day Nursery

Modernising their administration system: Polly Anna’s Day Nursery Case Study Polly Anna’s Nursery found that their former nursery management system had been left behind with the introduction of new procedures and practices, particularly the changes to the Early Years Free Entitlement. After researching the market, they realised that Abacus offered exactly what they wanted and […]

Nursery Management Software: The Spinney Nursery Case Study

As with any typical nursery, the excessive paperwork and administration was proving too much for one person trying to create a quality service. After spending hours each month preparing invoices only to obtain inaccurate results, The Spinney Nursery came to Parenta in the need of a comprehensive nursery management solution. Share with friends and colleagues!

Forest Nursery Case Study

“The company is always ahead of the game and up-to-date, supported by a helpful, approachable team who clearly thrive to maintain a strong relationship with us.” Forest Nursery came to Parenta with a desire to improve their ‘time consuming and unprofessional’ invoicing and billing system. Following a demonstration with our customer support team, they quickly […]

Portico Nursery Case Study

Innovative online software provides the ideal solution Intro: Portico Day Nurseries used to keep their data on one computer, on site, but found it too demanding and extremely inconvenient accessing and transferring data between nurseries. A cost-effective and time-saving solution was Abacus, the market-leading online system accessible from anywhere with internet connection. This helped remove […]