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Learn as you work!

Childcare training is essential in every setting. It’s a great way to develop your career and ensures the children get the most out of their time in your care.

The great news is you can learn while you work so, in most instances, you’ll be paid while you do your childcare course!

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Level 2 childcare

If you’re employed in a childcare setting and have recently started a career in the Early Years, the Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce is probably for you!

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Level 3 childcare

If you are employed in a childcare setting and have experience within an Early Years environment, this qualification will be ideal. Having Level 2 will be an advantage too!

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Level 5 childcare

This Diploma in Leadership for Health & Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services is for managers and deputies of childcare settings who are ready to progress.

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Assessor Award

This course is for those who want to assess occupational competence in the work environment, helping you to assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding.

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This course will be ideal if you’re new to childminding. It covers everything from setting up your home and making it safe, to nurturing children and your relationships with parents.

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Safeguarding courses

Looking to learn?

Are you working in a childcare setting and looking to get professional Early Years qualifications? We offer:

Training your staff

At Parenta, we can help you develop your staff, making sure they reach their potential and give the children at your setting the best possible start. If you need an extra pair of hands, we can even help you find people eager to do apprenticeships in childcare!

Funding your childcare course

The cost of training shouldn’t prevent you from taking the next step. The good news is that learning loans and training grants are there to support learners. Parenta has experience in working with local authorities and government agencies to see how much funding is available to you.

The amount of financial support you’re entitled to varies, depending on your age, previous qualifications, location and if you’re employed within a childcare setting.

Funding your childcare course


Happy learners

Making sure you enjoy the course.

We’re committed to 100% learner satisfaction and are always happy to hear your feedback.

We love to get your thoughts and ideas on how we can improve our courses. See what our happy learners had to say!

Support comments

All the support you need

You’re never alone. We’re here to help.

With Parenta, you’ll never be alone in while you learn. Support, advice and valuable resources are always available through your assessor or our friendly childcare training advisers. Visit our Facebook page to meet other learners and discuss your course!


Assessments at your setting

We’ll keep you in your comfort zone.

Being assessed can seem stressful, but we take the edge off it by assessing as much as possible at your place of work. This means you’ll be in familiar surroundings, with children you know and an assessor you’ve built a relationship with.


At a time that suits you

E-learning to fit your lifestyle.

You will have access to fantastic e-learning software, so you can keep up to date with your childcare course from any computer at any time.

Use it to find resources, submit work and even attend virtual classrooms.



What our happy learners had to say!


“Thanks to your lovely staff, it’s been a very positive experience for me and I will recommend Parenta to any of my colleagues wishing to progress to Level 3, as I have.”

Leigh Kiziltas | Learner

“I think that Clare has gone out of her way to help and I can’t thank her enough. I think that the professional discussion with her has help me learn so much.”

Jay Khan | Learner

“Thank you to Alyson for all the work she put in for me and all the support she has given me as a learner and I feel she has helped me understand my role in greater depths.”

Danielle Ashby | Learner

“I have really enjoyed this course after initially being very concerned about whether it would happen.  Full credit to my Assessor who has been brilliant – Thank you.”

Donna Aldred |  Learner

“Thank you for your wonderful support and tuition. I really enjoyed working with you, had an excellent tutor, and I cannot think how you could have been better!”

Nancy Pritchard | Learner

“I just want to express my gratitude to you for all your help, support and advice in achieving my goals at my course. I am seriously indebted to you for completing my course.”

Isabel da Costa | Learner

…and there’s more where they came from!


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