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Refocus your attention on caring for children

We have dedicated 15 years to understanding the obstacles that childcare providers have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. Regista provides a time saving management solution to the challenges faced by childminders and smaller settings.

Information Security

Regista is password protected and built on a platform similar to that used by online banking programs. You can be sure that all your details are safe and only allocated users can access them.

Online Support

If you are experiencing a problem we have an online ticketed support desk. Simply enter you query and someone will be in touch to help you. Alternatively you can have a look at our comprehensive help files.

Setting Management

Regista allows you to easily manage every day tasks, if you change one detail, there is a domino effect and all related records are updated as well.

Everything one place

Regista allows you to collate all of your everyday childcare admin in one place; meaning you can say goodbye to those stacks of paper, logon to your system and access everything you need.

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Features 2

  • Automatically calculate free entitlement
  • Manage invoices
  • Record payments
  • Get set up today, with no set up fees
  • Store important information securely

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