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As a childminder, software may not be a priority but it can really make things easier. That’s why we created our Regista software for childminders and small independent childcare providers.

Regista allows you to manage all your children’s data in a secure, web-based environment. You’ll be able to save paper and space, not to mention reducing your impact on the environment.

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More time to care for children and more time for you
Admin can cut into your evenings and weekends and take away some enjoyment from childminding. Regista is built to minimise the impact of admin on you and make sure your invoices are accurate. This will not only make billing simpler, but will help you to keep track of your finances.
Keep data safe and secure
Keeping your data secure, and free from loss or damage, is as important to us as it is to you. Everything on Regista is held in a password-protected, web-based system so it’s safe and there’s no need to have paper copies of sensitive data kept at home. Keeping everything online is also a greener option.
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Other software options
We also offer a more comprehensive software option, called Abacus. It is was created for use in bigger settings with more children. If you have a bigger childminding business, find out about Abacus for childminders
Send me all I need to know about Regista!