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NAME: Belinda Woolford

SETTING NAME: Little Meadows @ The Willows LTD

BIO: I am the director of Little Meadows Day Nurseries, creche provision and Early Learning Recruitment an agency specialising in early years practitioners.

“Little Meadows is a private nursery based in Milton Keynes and in 2004, became part of the NNI (Neighbourhood Nursery Initiative), a government scheme to offer good quality provision within a disadvantaged area.

“Little Meadows were one of the first NNI nurseries in Milton Keynes and one of the more successful in the country, as many were due to close after the initial funding had run out, leaving them self-sufficient.

“We were initially given a five year lease to provide a service from a purpose built nursery and led to believe that this was a normal duration/term.

“Since the end of our current lease however we have been informed that a new lease was not available and that we had to retender for our nursery. However, we have now been informed that we were unsuccessful and that a new provider has been chosen. Our parents are distraught and angry that they have not been consulted at any point.

“Has anyone else had to re-tender in such a way and if so what was the outcome?”

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