Nursery providers, Early Years Childcare, are running a nationwide campaign in an attempt to force a review of the Code of Practice by the Government.

With nine settings based in Sussex, Hampshire and South-east London, Early Years Childcare are concerned that free entitlement is under-funded and that parents are not aware of the challenges that it poses.

They’re looking for your support and feedback on how other nurseries are coping with implementing free entitlement and whether you believe parents are aware of the impact this has on their child’s setting.

Kate Peach, Managing Director of Early Years Childcare says, “Free entitlement can cause a significant shortfall between individual nursery providers’ costs and the hourly rate paid by the local authority. Additionally, the legislation prohibits high-quality providers, from being able to charge ‘top-up’ fees to meet costs”.

Many providers now find themselves having to make a choice between raising fees or making cutbacks such as decreasing staff to child ratios, avoiding buying new equipment, or cutting extra services like laundry, home cooked meals and provision of nappies.”

“We don’t feel that the Government is listening to the needs of nurseries. Before the election, the Conservative party indicated they would suspend the Code and allow top-ups to be charged, however this hasn’t happened. ”

If you wish to sign the petition and show your support, please visit the Early Years Childcare campaign petition website for parents and providers.

Early Years Childcare want to hear YOUR comments! How is your nursery coping now the code of practice has been implemented?

Is anyone concerned that parents are not aware of the impact this is having on their nursery? Please leave your comments below.

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