Christmas childcare resourceChristmas is always a great opportunity to get the children crafting – with cards, decorations, gifts and tasty treats to make.

Get creative with the children by trying this simple, yet stunning Paper Plate Christmas Fairy, taken from the Nov/Dec issue of Creative Steps magazine.

Inspire the children for Christmas

Using the creative checklist and your simple steps for Christmas inspiration below, the children will be creative in no time!

1. Take a paper plate and cut out a section at the top as shown. Then make two cuts into the middle of the plate, about two thirds of the way down, to make her wings. Do not allow the cuts to meet.

What you'll need!2. To make the Christmas Fairy’s dress, stick pieces of double-sided tape onto the bottom section of the plate and cover with red feathers. Cut a bodice from a scrap of red felt and stick it down on top of the feathers as shown. Add some snowflake sequins to decorate.

3. To make the Christmas Fairy’s head, take a wooden spoon and draw on some features using fine liner pens. Cut out some hair from a magazine in any style you like, and using a glue stick, place on top of the spoon. Add a sequin to finish.

4. Secure the spoon to the back of the plate using strips of sticky tape.

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