Purnima Tanuku - NDNANational Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) today responded to news that the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) is to have funding withdrawn, with ongoing core activities being transferred into the Department for Education.

NDNA congratulated CWDC regarding how it has raised the bar and enhanced the children’s workforce. However, NDNA has highlighted that it is disappointed by this decision and stressed it was vital that the focus and momentum on early years workforce development was not stopped.

Purnima Tanuku, Chief Executive of NDNA comments: “NDNA would like to praise CWDC for all its work in developing the early years workforce, and raising its profile as a career option for those who may have not previously considered early years as a career option. As well as Early Years Professional Status, the organisation has also reformed qualifications to fit with the modern practices if working with children and supported early years settings in important areas such as child protection. This work has been extremely valuable. NDNA has worked closely with CWDC since its creation, and represents nurseries on the Members Group and we hope the wealth of knowledge and expertise the staff team has across the children’s workforce footprint will be fully harnessed by the DfE.”

Purnima adds: “All the studies show that investing in children in their earliest years through a highly qualified workforce supports improved outcomes for children. It is critical that as functions are moved to DfE we do not lose the focus and momentum on the development of those caring and educating children in their earliest years, where the most difference can be made. The continued investment in the workforce is critical to the success of the Government’s £2bn Fairness Fund to improve the life chances of children. We are pleased that the Minister has indicated that further investment is to be announced regarding how quality can continue to be increased through the development of the workforce and that the Government remains committed to a graduate-led workforce.

NDNA will be working closely with DfE and CWDC to highlight the critical importance of ensuring that all those working in the early years sector can access the right support, resources and advice to develop their workforce. Whilst we fully recognise the valuable contribution CWDC has made in the past five years, there is still more to be done to improve quality through a skilled and qualified workforce that can continue to improve outcomes for all children. It is critical that we remain focused on maintaining progression towards a well-qualified, high-quality workforce.”

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