National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) urged nurseries to ensure that staff had the skills to develop strong partnerships with parents during difficult times.

NDNA highlighted how nurseries understand the value of working with families so that children can gain the very most from their time at nursery and learning was extended into the home.

However, the organisation added that it was vital that practitioners are also equipped with the skills to support parents during challenging times such as financial difficulty, separation or bereavement.

NDNA has said that many of its members were reporting growing issues with debt and redundancy, and shared how it was crucial that the nursery team understood how such issues can change the dynamics of a parent-partnership and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to maintain the relationship.

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Stella Ziolkowski, Director of Quality and Workforce Development at NDNA comments: “The current economic climate means that some parents are struggling financially or have worries, and these can affect the relationship between them and the setting.

“Of course, children can be affected too and it is important that practitioners can access information so that they can help the family. Indeed, recent research shows that two thirds of parents may have to reduce their childcare due to cuts in support from tax credits, so it is also critical that parents understand the value of nursery for their child.

“Various factors can influence the relationship with parents, and staff must be equipped to respond and deal with new challenges as well as continuing to offer a supportive environment.”

Last month, Parenta hosted an exclusive live childcare webcast with professional Dawn Burnham on ‘Parents as Partners’, tackling key aspects regarding connecting with parents, maintaining a relationship and evaluating parental relationships. 

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