York nursery assistants took part in research conducted by the University of York designed to improve the language skills of pre-school children.

Nursery assistants from 13 York nursery schools took part in a 15-week intervention programme between February and June. Targeted at children who show weaknesses in their language skills in comparison to their peers, it was organised by researchers from the university’s centre for reading and language in the department of psychology.

The project is researching the benefits of an oral language intervention programme for children who show areas of difficulties in their speaking at nursery-age.

Professor Charles Hulme, who led the work, said: “Language skills are vital for educational success. Nursery assistants have really embraced the importance of our programme and have gone through special training to deliver it with great success. Feedback from nursery assistants indicates it has been an enjoyable experience for all concerned.”

Were you one of the nursery assistants from York who took part in the survey? Did you find the research helpful and worthwhile? Drop your comments below!

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