It could be said that, compared to other members of the European Union, the UK has seemingly fared better during this recession. Throughout this time the UK has been successful in reducing child poverty and protecting children from deprivation compared to our wealthier counterparts.  However the proposed cuts by the government in the funding of child care services could jeopardise this success, according to Unicef in a recent report.


David Bull, Executive Director of Unicef UK said “This report shows how committed government action can make a big difference for children…we know that the number of children living in poverty in the UK is set to increase due to spending cuts. This will be a catastrophic blow to the futures of thousands of children, putting at risk their future health, education and chances of employment.”


Child poverty has been mitigated so far in the UK, by government drives to increase household income, tax credits and public services for children. However in an economic downturn services for childcare and for families will face increased pressure, as higher volumes of people end up relying on them. They also have to cope with any financial cuts to their services that could affect the success rates.


Helen Dents, Chief Executive of Family Action said “We’re deeply concerned that government measures to cut the deficit are blighting children’s futures.” A number of charities have recognised that government needs to focus on effective measures, not just money saving. The government have already commented that they are committed to an initiative to improve education, to identify and intervene early so as to improve child poverty by 2020.

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