The Spinney NurseryAs with any typical nursery, the excessive paperwork and administration was proving too much for one person trying to create a quality service.

After spending hours each month preparing invoices only to obtain inaccurate results, The Spinney Nursery came to Parenta in the need of a comprehensive nursery management solution.

Overview: Alison and John Thomson both have a passion for providing quality childcare, deciding to open their first nursery 13 years ago.
The Spinney Nursery consists of two nurseries both based in Chester. The Hoole Village nursery holds 36 children and the Bell Meadow nursery holds 91 and includes an after school and holiday club.
Problem: An overburden of excessive paperwork and administration quickly became too much for one person to bear. The Spinney Nursery lacked efficiency when it came to completing their administration, experiencing major constraints for improving the quality of their service.
With a lack of connectivity between their manual systems, their time-consuming invoice process still led to repetition and errors.

The frustrating process encouraged John Thomson, director of Spinney Nursery to investigate and interview ALL the main providers of childcare management systems, at length, before deciding that Parenta providing the most comprehensive nursery management solution.
Solution: Our Abacus management system has simplified their billing and administration process radically! From one-click invoicing through to generating future fees reports, Abacus proved to be a ‘real timesaver whilst producing a quality outcome’. Spinney Nursery also used our optional extra with Abacus our Fee Planner service, helping to streamline their fee collections.
With an easier invoicing process and no time wasted chasing fees from parents, The Spinney Nursery has experienced exceptional results for both their nurseries, with Abacus playing a key role behind the scenes.

The Bell Meadow nursery is now taking shape and has passed the break-even point with a good order book, whereas The Hoole Village Nursery is now full with a waiting list!

Reflecting on their relationship with Parenta, John Thomson, The Spinney Nursery director said, “There are many aspects of the Parenta service and products that are very supportive to the work of nurseries. We are particularly impressed by the quality of support that is available. We almost feel that the staff are old friends – approachable, patient, friendly and always there.”

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