A nice note from a customer who has expanded in the UAE.

“I have used the Parenta software now for over 5 years in my nursery in the UK. The comprehensive nature of this particular product means that there is no other like it in the market.  Before installing this program for my nursery, the number of hours that I used to spend calculating, whether it be the adult-child ratio in each class or the number of children in each room per session;  the number of tables that I devised were countless and yet there was always something else that needed to be added… Abacus, does all this for me now.

Having expanded the business and set-up in the UAE, I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead. The UAE government is making rapid changes to the childcare sector to bring it in line with international standards and nurseries are beginning to be regulated, changing the landscape in which nurseries functioned previously. For me,  Abacus in each setting across these horizons will make the life of each nursery director and manager complete.  With the day to day running tasks taken care of at the click of a button, more time can be spent understanding the changes in the rules and regulations.”

Salma Choudry

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