The abundance of new technology is hard to ignore, but with children spending more and more time focused on a screen, a new reports studies the affect this is having on our youngest children. Co-authored by the Alliance for Childhood, Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, and Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment, the guide is designed to help providers and parents make informed decisions.

It asks whether, why, how, and when to use screen technologies with young children, and studies their educational benefits.

The report is available to download here, and there’s even a facebook page devoted to discussing the topic here.

Its a topic that Filmmaker David Bond has taken further. He believes that Mother Nature needs a helping hand, and has appointed himself as her marketing manager. With the help of marketing experts, he sets out to convince apathetic consumers, and his family, of the benefits of this amazing, free, wonder product.

His journey takes him across the world as he attempts to untangle the complex web of agendas, fears, policies and habits that disconnect him and his family from the natural environment.

Project Wild Thing finds hilarity, joy and absurdity in the choices we face as 21st Century humans, and you can get involved in releasing this to the world by backing the  documentary. David commented ” The film is almost done – we just need to shoot final scenes. But we’re still short of the funds to complete it. That’s why we’re on Kickstarter. It’s a platform where people pledge money to help complete the film, and in turn get rewards – like a free download of the finished film, tickets to the premiere, producer credits.

I believe the film can make a significant change. If you’re a parent, if you think fondly of your own childhood, or if you worry that many children now spend over half their waking hours on screens, please help. Or maybe, like me, you believe childhood should be muddy, carefree, playful and undirected by brands.”

If you’d like to support the Project Wild Thing documentary, you can find out more here.

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