The announcement to implement radical plans to offer parents childcare tax breaks of up to £2000 per child every year has been postponed and is expected to be scaled back. In an effort to decrease fees an increase in child to carer ratios has now been proposed. The current limit of one member of staff to every four toddlers will increase to six toddlers per one member of staff, and babies to 1:4.

The changes in ratios will nearly double the amount of toddlers nurseries can care for in an aim to cut childcare costs.

A Whitehall source said: “Childcare in England is too expensive and often not good enough.

“We are going to free up high quality nurseries to offer more places. That means parents will have more choice of good quality childcare at lower cost. These new ratios will move England into line with other countries where affordable high quality childcare is readily available.”

According to the Telegraph, the change in ratios has created a higher demand for the level of teenager’s nursery training to increase. Teenagers will be required to have at least a grade C in GCSE Maths and English to prevent children being looked after by staff who “struggle to read stories aloud to them”.

However, many parents are wondering if the government should be investing more into support for lower childcare costs, rather than altering ratios of childcare workers, and will this change impact on the quality of childcare?

Do you think that changing ratios is the way to approach the reduction in fees? Share your views by commenting below on this radical change.

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