Last week Sian Nisbett commented on the proposed changes to childcare ratio’s and received huge support from our readership.

Jade Said: “Great article and response Sian…

Babies have a ratio 1-3, but has any 1 person tried to pick up 3 babies under ‘normal’ circumstances, let alone under ‘emergency’ circumstances? I struggle with one baby & a pre-schooler. As for qualifications, I feel it is important that the lead person should be suitably qualified in both ‘child’ related areas AND people management, however the mixture of other practitioners should be varied for many reasons.”

Becky said: “The whole idea is preposterous!

I run a village pre-school (and have done for almost 15 years) and I do this on an NVQ3 and lots and lots and lots of experience as I joined the pre-school 19 years ago when my own children were young. I do not have the time, or energy, to study for Early Years Professional Status because I am much too busy running my village pre-school, however, if I did, on the day I qualified, I would be able to look after 13 children. Just madness!”

Karen said: “I have an outstanding nursery with outstanding staff with a wide range of sector and education based qualifications. We could have 1–13 ratios already but we don’t. We will not compromise quality and child focused time by increasing ratios . Our young children need to be nurtured as individuals , how else will they grow into empathetic , emotionally balanced and positive citizens ! Being a number in a pack will not nurture the best characteristics in a child. In my view the change is for the benefit of political purses.”

Ashley Said: “To enable cost cuts Central Government should allow nursery schools to claim VAT at present we are VAT exempt. All boroughs should receive the same amount of NEG funding and the equivalent to schools.”

You can read the blog Nursery Comment: Staff Ratios by Sian Nisbett‘ and there’s still a comments section to add your views.

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