The focus of your nursery will always be the children, but the ever-looming mountain of admin is often the thing that takes away from the enjoyment of the job.

Many nurseries find that the introduction of a nursery management system can significantly reduce the time they spend on admin, not to mention benefits like improving cash flow and managing staff.

We’ve listed some of the most common ways our Abacus Nursery Management Software has helped nurseries, to help you decide if it’s right for you.

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1. Invoice accurately, at the touch of a button

The time it takes to invoice varies between nurseries, but those without nursery software tend to count it in days, rather than minutes.

When we talk to nurseries that have Abacus, they all say the impact on their invoicing is one of the biggest time savings. By entering sessions, free entitlement, vouchers and everything else through the system as you go, when the time comes to invoice, everything can be processed at the touch of a button.

Anything that is entered in one place, updates the rest of the system as well. No more hours of calculations and checking figures. In
fact, if invoicing currently takes you two days a week, you’ll save 24 days, or a month of working time, every year.

When parents come to collect their children, you can spend time telling them about the day, rather than having difficult conversations about fees. Abacus will alert parents when it’s time to pay, and can be easily set up to charge late fees for overdue payments, so you can avoid some of those awkward money conversations. Every business is dependent on cash flow to sustain itself. Making sure you receive the correct amount when it is due will help to alleviate any worries about finding cash for the next bill.

2. All the children’s details in one place

Paper files take up valuable space and aren’t always easy to locate when you need them. Abacus nursery management software will keep everything in one place, and a simple search function means you can quickly find any information you hold about any child. This is vital when it comes to quickly finding allergies and contact details.

Finding these details is one issue, updating them is quite another. Parent Portal is a key feature of Abacus. It allows parents to view their own child’s essential information as well as their own contact details. This means they can share the responsibility of making sure everything is up to date. And, when they email you about a change, you only have to update it in one place; the other screens will update automatically. Lots of nurseries talk to prospective parents about this feature as they respond well to being connected in this way.

3. More security for sensitive data

Quite often nurseries will keep information in Excel or Word documents. While this can be convenient and most staff will know how to use them, they are not secure. They also tend to be stored locally, so if your computer breaks or is stolen, you lose the data. Paper-based admin is even less secure. It’s easy to misplace documents, spill drinks on them or for them to be taken.

Abacus is the answer to these concerns. Information is held in a secure, web-based system, on the same kind of platform that you use
for online banking. This means that even if your computers are damaged or stolen, you don’t lose that vital information. We’ve had one customer whose setting was flooded, but having Abacus, which is web-based, meant they didn’t lose their data. That customer was still able to access the system from their home to inform parents that the nursery was closed.

4. Instant reports make it easier to run the nursery

Reports help you to manage your nursery. They enable you to monitor cash flow, keep track of staff attendance and to plan for the future. You can use them to identify areas of the business that need improvement.

Lots of nursery managers shudder at the thought of reports because they take so long to generate manually. Because your days are busy, it can feel like you’ll never get around to creating reports, such as unpaid invoices, registers or enquiries for potential parents.

New Abacus customers are always astounded at the amount of insight they can get about their business at the click of a button. There is an array of reports, whether you’re looking for finance-based, staff-based or information about the children. They’re pre-made and ready to run whenever you need them.

5. Your staff are as important as the children

As well as handling details for parents and children, you can also manage information about staff with Abacus. Our customers say managing where staff will be at certain times is a big headache and Abacus provides some welcome relief. When you add staff holidays, it’ll update every part of the system, so rotas and ratios will be adjusted accordingly.

You can also set reminders about anything from CRB checks to appraisals, meaning you’ll never miss those important dates again.

And, as some information is bound to be confidential, there is an option to lock down anything sensitive. We know every setting is different, so our flexible nursery software is built to cope with that.

Reduce the time you spend on administration and get back to providing great childcare!

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