In response to Parenta’s recent article ‘Ratios! But what about childminder agencies?‘, childcare professionals were united against the introduction of agencies. Concerns, that agencies will increase the cost of childcare to parents, reduce the quality of provision and will force many small businesses to close, have been raised.

Our Poll results revealed that 92% of childcare professionals, were against the proposed introduction of childminder agencies, with as little as 8% for them. Here are a few comments from our Poll:

‘I want to stay individually regulated, and inspected by Ofsted. I am already well supported and do not need another “middleman” which will not be cost effective, driving the cost of childcare upwards. I am perfectly capable of running my own business, sourcing insurance, finding clients and negotiating fees etc’.

‘Childminding is based on building up a partnership with parents and families. Surely an agency will get in the way of this’.

‘Our local authority has got it right! I can see agencies working better in rural areas, and where there is no network or support for childminders in place. Many childminders on our network have qualifications beyond a level 3, and are very professional people. In some cases parents choose to keep their child with their childminder rather than going to pre-school or a nursery, because the quality of care and activities for their learning and development is better’.

‘Another money grabbing scheme from the government’

‘I have not worked for years to have a successful business to become a slave to an agency’.

One childcare professional also posted a petition, Childminders Reject Agencies.

Even the Children and Families Bill: Second Reading yesterday, shared views against the introduction on childminder agencies. Read more on this in our article ‘Children and Families Bill: Second Reading’. We have also posted video footage from the House of Commons.

Share your comments here with us and participate in our Childminder Agencies Poll.




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