Professor Nutbrown comments on “More great Childcare”:

“On the 19th June 2012 following a rigorous public consultation, I published my government commissioned report ‘Foundations for Quality‘, an independent review of the early education and childcare qualifications in England.

I began my report with the statement that:

‘Learning begins from birth, and high quality early education and care has the potential to make an important and positive impact on the learning, development and well being of babies and young children, in their daily lives and the longer term’.

I wrote a report that I hoped would give good advice to Government about the importance of the people who make up the diverse early years workforce.

In my report I set out and justified recommendations to improve the quality of early education and care for young children so that:

1. every child is able to experience high quality care and education whatever type of home or group setting they attend

2. early years staff have a strong professional identity, take pride in their work, and are recognised and valued by parents, other professionals and society as a whole

3. high quality early education and care is led by well qualified early years practitioners

4. the importance of childhood is understood, respected and valued

So why, on the 29th January 2013, when the document ‘More Great Childcare‘ was published, was I not delighted that the Government was announcing the introduction of Early Years Teachers?

Why? Because, as I read beyond the headlines of the Government proposals I realised that most of my recommendations had, in fact been rejected!”

Click here, to read Professor Nutbrown’s full report, along with her 19 recommendations, and the Government’s responses and recommended action.

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