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Every parent wants to know what their child’s been up to during the day at nursery, but more often than not they just don’t have the time to plough through a book that’s been hastily completed by busy staff at the end of the day. This is where Parenta’s state-of-the-art new software comes in.

Dayshare, from one of the leading providers of nursery management systems, allows nursery staff to create detailed records of children’s activities at the touch of a button and then simply email it to parents and guardians who can catch up on their little ones day and share it with extended family and friends if they wish.

The innovative service, which is part of the Abacus suite of products, has been developed with input from a longstanding Parenta client, and with the ‘Partnership with Parents’ ethos in mind. Staff can share vital information whilst not compromising the levels of service and supervision they offer to their charges.

The Dayshare daily diary is accessed on computers, tablets or mobile devices and allows staff to record activities for individual, groups or entire rooms of children. They simply write a short note on the activities and allocate it to the appropriate child, and then if one has not participated, they can write another short description and allocate it to that child. It really is as simple as that 

As well as providing a vital service to parents and guardians Dayshare also helps childcare providers meet Ofsted requirements in the most efficient way possible alongside creating more time for nursery staff to spend with the children.

‘At the end of each day, the information can be emailed to the parents and can be further shared with other members of the extended family,’ commented Nick Williams of Parenta. ‘Pen and paper is a thing of the past with this intuitive system which treats parents as partners and allows wider communication with less effort by staff.’

DayShare is designed as an add-on to the award-winning Abacus Nursery Management system, which as a web-based solution has set an industry standard enabling nursery managers to meet their administrational requirements with one easy to use interface that benefits their business 24/7.

To learn more about this innovative service visit www.parenta.com and watch the video.



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Notes to editor:

About Parenta:

All around the world there are people who dedicate some or all of their time to improve the lives of children, whether it’s a full time business or simply a desire to share a skill, sport, culture or value.

These people dedicate their time, not to get rich, but to improve and enhance the lives of the next generation. Everyone can remember a coach, mentor, teacher or leader who made a positive impact on their life.

However, it’s no longer possible to simply throw open your door and welcome children to a new experience. Carers face inescapable requirements like keeping records, planning activities, producing financial reports, gaining qualifications, sharing experiences, promoting their services and accepting a duty of care for the children they look after.

Our role is to stop these inescapable requirements from getting in their way, and allow them to spend as much time as possible doing the thing they’re passionate about!

By constantly innovating and embracing technology we make the job of helping children as easy and distraction free as possible. By lowering the hurdles that are placed in their path, we help carers focus on doing what they do best. Our purpose is to help those who care for children.


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