Parenta co-founder Allan Presland and his wife Amanda, are undertaking another fundraising adventure this June by climbing Uganda’s tallest mountain to raise money and help build a school for orphaned children in this East African country

Allan and Amanda are both training hard to get back in shape for the grueling 10 day trek to the summit of Mount Elgon and will join other fundraisers who are committed to making a positive and lasting difference to children in one of the world’s poorest nations.

Mount Elgon stands at over 14,000 feet tall and presents a real challenge to even an experienced mountaineer like Allan, who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2010 to raise money.

“This will be another tough trek, not least because of the change in altitude and having to climb from a jungle at the foot of the mountain to snow at the peak,” said Allan Presland, Managing Director of Parenta. “Our goal is about raising awareness and funds for The Parenta Trust which helps the very youngest in Uganda and eastern Africa have opportunities that simply wouldn’t exist without our effort.”

Allan and Amanda are trustees of the Parenta Trust, the charitable arm of the Parenta Group of companies, which was created to help those who care for children in circumstances which those of us in the UK and other parts of the developed world can barely comprehend.

The Trust has recently joined forces with an organisation in Uganda called Fields of Life, a charity that has built over 100 schools and freshwater boreholes across Eastern Africa, to provide pre-school education and clean drinking water in the most poverty-stricken areas.

By working with the charity, 93p of every pound raised will be effectively spent on the ground in Uganda – without any administration costs to the Trust.

“As part of the team going out in June for this trek, we think we can raise enough money to build a school, which in turn will bring hope to children for generations,” added Allan.

With this inaugural fundraising effort in Uganda, the Parenta Trust has shown that Parenta’s commitment to ‘helping those who care for children’ extends far beyond the UK’s boundaries. The Trust’s new website offers a range of options to get involved in the work in Uganda – from making donations, sponsoring a child or visiting one of the 85 kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and orphanages it supports.

For more information and the latest news from the Parenta Trust, please visit our charity page.



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Notes to editor:

About Parenta:

All around the world there are people who dedicate some or all of their time to improve the lives of children, whether it’s a full time business or simply a desire to share a skill, sport, culture or value.

These people dedicate their time, not to get rich, but to improve and enhance the lives of the next generation. Everyone can remember a coach, mentor, teacher or leader who made a positive impact on their life.

However, it’s no longer possible to simply throw open your door and welcome children to a new experience. Carers face inescapable requirements like keeping records, planning activities, producing financial reports, gaining qualifications, sharing experiences, promoting their services and accepting a duty of care for the children they look after.

Our role is to stop these inescapable requirements from getting in their way, and allow them to spend as much time as possible doing the thing they’re passionate about!

By constantly innovating and embracing technology we make the job of helping children as easy and distraction free as possible. By lowering the hurdles that are placed in their path, we help carers focus on doing what they do best. Our purpose is to help those who care for children.


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