With more than 10% of 16-18 year olds in the UK not in employment, education or training (NEET), Kent-based training specialists Parenta has launched a new ‘Ready To Work’ programme to help more young people get into work or onto education courses.

Staying in learning not only supports young people to get a better job, but equips them with the personal and social skills they need to thrive throughout their lives. Designed as part of Parenta’s existing Foundation Learning Course, Ready To Work will provide a supportive and motivational learning environment that gives 16-18 year olds the skills to get an interview and secure employment.

“We have created Ready To Work to help young people back into education or assist them in getting a job via training,” commented Nick Williams of Co-founder of Parenta. “It has been specifically designed to offer a more relaxed and comfortable learning environment than the ones young people are used to.”

“The shorter course format will also make it more fun to attend and should lead to much higher sign-up and attendance levels. The friendly atmosphere will help to re-engage 16-18 year olds, provide them with an aspirational culture and deliver exactly what they feel is lacking from the traditional learning environments.

The Ready To Work scheme will give advice on interview techniques, building relationships and general behaviour in the workplace. By making learning enjoyable and providing a place where young people want to attend, Parenta believes the programme will rebuild belief in the UK education system.

As well as providing a vital link between learning and the working environment, Ready To Work is strongly encouraging learners to make the transition. All attendees will receive a freedom pass which offers unlimited public transport and up to £250, depending on what they choose to do on completion of the course

Young people, or their parents and friends, who have questions about the programme or want to learn more about this new and innovative service, visit www.readytowork.org.uk.



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Notes to editor:

About Parenta:

All around the world there are people who dedicate some or all of their time to improve the lives of children, whether it’s a full time business or simply a desire to share a skill, sport, culture or value.

These people dedicate their time, not to get rich, but to improve and enhance the lives of the next generation. Everyone can remember a coach, mentor, teacher or leader who made a positive impact on their life.

However, it’s no longer possible to simply throw open your door and welcome children to a new experience. Carers face inescapable requirements like keeping records, planning activities, producing financial reports, gaining qualifications, sharing experiences, promoting their services and accepting a duty of care for the children they look after.

Our role is to stop these inescapable requirements from getting in their way, and allow them to spend as much time as possible doing the thing they’re passionate about!

By constantly innovating and embracing technology we make the job of helping children as easy and distraction free as possible. By lowering the hurdles that are placed in their path, we help carers focus on doing what they do best. Our purpose is to help those who care for children.


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