Do you have an idea that could change the lives of young children from disadvantaged families?

The Teach First Innovation Award is an award for ideas, which can help ensure that no child’s educational success is limited by their socio-economic background.

Teach First are offering up to £20,000, two salaried positions, and a wealth of experience and support to the winning individual or team, to support the development of the best ideas for social enterprises that will make a real difference to the state of education in the UK

Currently, the single biggest factor affecting a child’s performance at school and life opportunities is their family’s income. Teach First are looking for the next big idea that can help to solve this. They will reward new ideas that help achieve their goals and support them to develop. “We’re not interested in ‘sticking plaster’ solutions or small-scale interventions – we’re looking for something that could change the game permanently.”

Your entry for the Innovation Award will be judged across three broad areas.

Firstly, how powerful is the concept? Could it make a profound difference to young people who need it most? Is it a fresh take on a problem?

Secondly, could the idea scale up? Could it one day become a national social enterprise making a deep impact?

And thirdly, is the idea practically viable? Could it achieve sustainable funding, and is your leadership strong enough to take it all the way?

Anyone can apply, and a pdf guide is available to download here,  The applications process starts online here.

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