Not everyday that Parenta staff are told they have “beautiful personalities”

Celeste Baskerville
Kayleigh Jackson

A lovely comment received this morning from another happy website customer!

“Thank you for your time today, I am pleased to say that I would like to go ahead with the upgrade for our website. Payment will be made by my colleague at her earliest convenience.

I would also like to say thank you for the amazing service that you provide with a friendly approach. I don’t know if you and your colleagues are often told but the staff at Parenta are extremely helpful, with beautiful personalities and you are an absolute pleasure to work with. I would quite happy give you guys a call just to say hi (however I know that everyone is far too busy for that, including myself). I would like to say a special thanks to both Celeste and Kayleigh for their support and I look forward to our ongoing communications. I would highly recommend you whenever I can.”


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