Social media is being used as the primary way to promote a weekend of debate around Ofsted’s change of stance regarding the Early Years Sector.  Anyone involved in childcare is being urged to get involved during the weekend of the 13th and 14th of September, which has been designated the#OfstedBigConversation weekend.

Meetings will be hosted across England. Some will cater for larger groups and some may be three people sharing a pot of tea in their kitchen. The plan is to get everyone thinking, conversing and considering the key issues, with a view to producing an Early Years proposal for Ofsted.

This will identify the key issues and barriers to progress, what would help and how we can build an exemplary regulatory system together which is mutually respected and highly effective.

June O’Sullivan, (CEO of LEYF)  has published a blog, detailing her 10 key issues, and is closely involved in forming the agenda with the others mentioned on the map below. You can read the blog here, or follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.  (you’ll find them all followed by @TheParentaGroup)

Map showing the larger #ofstedbigconversation meetings

Map showing the larger #ofstedbigconversation meetings

If you are a fan of Twitter, #EYTalking will be featuring Ofsted as the main agenda item on Tuesday 3rd September at 8pm. Simply search for #EYTalking to get involved.

In order to make this a success, it is crucial to engage as many industry voices as possible. The best way is to get online, tweet, post and blog about your Ofsted issues, or share them below and we will promote them for you. Don’t forget to tag everything with #OfstedBigConversation


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