A campaign from the "Save Childhood Movement" is under way to support their belief that children in England are being badly let down by the system. They state that our children start formal learning much earlier than elsewhere in the world, they are put under all sorts of developmentally inappropriate pressures that damage their heath and wellbeing and now even their play is being eroded. Boys and summer-born children are particularly disadvantaged by the current system and can carry the consequences throughout their lives.

The Save Childhood Movement claim that ministers in England persist in seeing the early years as a preparation for school rather than a vitally important stage in its own right. This period of life is when children establish the values and relationships that underpin their sense of self, their attitude to later learning, and their communicative skills and natural creativity.

They have created an online petition, which currently has over 3,300 signatures. If you agree with their core objectives, detailed below, you can sign it here.

The five objectives of the campaign are to:1) re-establish the early years as a unique stage in its own right and not merely a preparation for school
2) protect young children's natural developmental rights
3) prevent baseline testing
4) reinstate the vital role of play
5) call for an English developmentally appropriate Foundation Stage for children between the ages of 3 and 7.
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