The #OfstedBigConversation happened last weekend and the reports have been collated on the #OfstedBigConversation website. 

There are reports from:


June O'Sullivan states in her blog that she believes Ofsted are ready to listen and has written a letter that any childcare provider can use to engage with them.

June states, "The following is a summary of the key “asks” for Ofsted. These are broad brush changes to the process of inspection. These were the basis of the #OfstedBigConversation, quite separate from the personal stories, grievances and appeals with which many individuals are currently engaged and will continue to do so with support from colleagues, network members and their membership organisations.

Ofsted have indicated a willingness to have a meeting. I would suggest we ask for a meeting in each region with the Ofsted Regional Lead. This way Ofsted gets to meet quite a few people who can provide them with data from each area and support the central request for the outlined changes to the inspection process. If these meetings are held, I think they should be led by the Chairs with members of the network and each region has to provide data and general case studies to highlight the issue and support the reason for change. As ever we need to maintain a calm, rational and professional approach. Negotiation is more likely to work when both people have something to offer. Just imagine we are going to marriage guidance! So in preparation here is a letter to begin the mediation process."

On the #OfstedBigConversation website, editor Catriona Nason defines, 'What happens next?'

"We give Ofsted two weeks from today to respond to our concerns with a real action and also to deliver the outcome of the FOI. If nothing happens by the two weeks deadline, then we draft an open letter and send it to the press via the national press wire which reaches all members of the press in UK. If we are still not satisfied, then radical action comes next…"

Do you agree with the plans? Will you get involved?

An extract from June O'Sullivan's letter. The full copy is available here on her blog.

Dear Ofsted

I am very pleased to hear you might want to meet us. We have been moved to action since the process of inspection has become quite antagonistic and unfriendly.  We want to resolve the situation so we can develop a collaborative and constructive learning community where we can have a mutual respectful relationship that allows us all to share a vision of high quality practice for all children within a spirit of inquiry and improvement.

To achieve this we want to be inspected by knowledgeable inspectors with ...

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