The real problem with water

Water is not as rare as you might expect in Uganda. In fact, many parts of the country are lush and green. However, access to water isn’t the problem; it’s clean drinking water that’s hard to find.

As many as one in ten young children die from lack of access to this basic need, and when you are holding a group of kids in your arms, this statistic suddenly feels very real.


A simple solution saves lives

The solution is relatively simple. At 30m below the ground, bacteria cannot survive and the water table never drops; therefore, a borehole can provide an endless supply of clean drinking water.

The Parenta Trust works with a team on the ground in Uganda that identifies the next area most in need, and drills down to clean fresh water.

Changing lives forever

The two days it usually takes to drill a hole will forever change the lives of everyone around. We saw firsthand the borehole in Acede in northern Uganda and the amazement and gratitude on the faces of the villagers as they struck water.

These people have suffered terribly, with many of their family members killed or taken by the Lord’s Resistance Army of Joseph Kony. A water borehole is the beginning of better things to come.

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