In August 2013, the funding for Level 3 24+ Advanced Apprenticeships was withdrawn and replaced with 24+ Advanced Learning Loans. Since then, there has been a low take-up of Apprenticeships among those over the age of 24.

Acknowledging the downturn, the government has now reversed the decision to fund Apprenticeship courses with the Advanced Learning Loans, and reintroduced 24+ Advanced Apprenticeship funding.

What does this mean?

It means that anyone in the right age group, working a minimum of 16 hours in paid employment, and meeting eligibility criteria, will qualify for a fully funded course, instead of having to take a loan.

For those who don't meet the criteria for funding, 24+ Advanced Learning Loans are still available.

Are you eligible?

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Training is essential for child carers in every setting. It’s a great way to develop your career and ensures the children get the most out of their time in your care.

The great news is you can learn while you work so, in most instances, you’ll be paid while you get your qualification!

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