We're working on some exciting projects with our partners. Here's the latest ones!

Kent County Council employment programme

Maintaining excellent communications with our customers, we are frequently asked for advice on apprentices.  As a result we regularly have placement opportunities for over 100 apprentices throughout the UK which can also be found in the Recruitment pages of our website. To increase the chance of supporting young people into their chosen career we are now working with Kent County Council as part of their Kent Employment Programme to match these vacancies to the right individuals– and help employers qualify for additional Local authority funding.

Job Centre Plus  - Sector Based Work Academies

We are launching a pilot programme in two areas of Kent which will encourage employers to offer short-term placements to job-seekers. They will be given employability skills training leading to a Level 1 qualification with a partner training provider and then progressed to short-term work experience. All of this will make them more job-ready and increase their attractiveness to employers. It also gives the employers the chance to assess potential new staff first-hand without financial commitment.

Social Enterprise initiative

Many authorities are struggling to balance the maintenance of services at children’s centres with the reality of reduced budgets. We feel we may be able to use our skills and software to help here and are looking to work with Kent County Council and a team of specialist business advisors to develop an innovative social enterprise model for Children’s centres. By analysing the issues at each centre, establishing a commercial foundation and providing ongoing support through systems and software installation we believe we can create useful income streams and cost reductions that maximise the potential within each centre.

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