A nursery owner from Gloucestershire was struck off last week after leaving a toddler in her car for over 5 hours, having completely forgotten about her.

After picking up the 3 year old as a favour to her mother, Carol Cort, 67 the owner of Barn Nursery School in Bourton-on-the-Water, left the child locked in her car from 9:40am until after 3.00pm.

It was only when she returned to her car in order to collect other children for the after school club that she noticed the little girl still strapped in her seat in the back of the car.

A court heard last week that Mrs Cort believed the child had been placed in the wrong car until the little girl announced she had "been forgotten".

After admitting her error to the childs parents, Mrs Cort stated:

I've done something awful. I've ruined the nursery and let everybody down. I've ruined it for the children'."

The mother of the 3 year old reported the incident to local authorities and action was taken, with Ofsted serving a suspension notice to the nursery on 26 February 2013.Mrs Cort received notice regarding the cancelation of her registration the following month.

During the appeal last week, Judge Tudor noted that the incident was so grave; it was only by 'good luck and chance' that the child had not come to serious harm.

Mrs Cort’s appeal to re-open the nursery was denied and her registration cancelled despite a long unblemished history in childcare.

Should the nursery suffer for one woman’s mistake? Would your trust in the establishment be diminished if it stayed open? 

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