We are pleased to announce the launch of, Regista, our new software product, aimed at childminders and small, independent childcare providers. The release marks another step in Parenta’s commitment to improving the business of childcare.

Director, Nick Williams, said, “Following the success of our Abacus system with nurseries and nursery chains, we wanted to give smaller providers all the benefits of management software, without the up-front costs.

We spoke to childminders and pre-schools who had completed qualifications with us, about their everyday struggles and designed a system that will save them time and improve efficiency, even if budgets are limited.”

Regista will help you manage all aspects of your business, from storing children’s details and booking attendance to managing Free Entitlement, fees and finance. Not only that, but it’s a greener and more secure alternative to paper.

The software is available in three packages, enabling you to choose a solution that’s just right for you. There is no set-up cost, just a monthly subscription fee, and we won’t tie you into a contract.

Product Manager, Laura Crouzieres, has overseen development and testing of the new software. “With Regista, we wanted to work closely with end-users to make sure we created something that would really improve their business. We’re very grateful to a group of childminders and smaller settings, who have been using the software for several months and have helped us to perfect it for release today.”

If you’d like to find out more, visit the Regista page of our website.

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