The Sector Based Work Academy (SBWA) is a partnership opportunity between Job Centre Plus, Parenta, local childcare settings (who may be considering taking on new staff) and training providers.  We are piloting this scheme in two areas of Kent – Thanet and Maidstone & Malling, with space for up to 56 job seekers across settings in these areas.

The process will start with the finding; sifting and training suitable applicants who will then be provided with between 2- 10 days work experience. The candidates chosen will have undergone appropriate Level 1 training provided by a suitable training provider, they will then be assessed for suitability, both academic and attitude. If they are considered suitable for work experience within a setting they will be given a DBS check. Throughout the whole period they retain their job-seekers allowance and Job Centre Plus will also take care of any travel expenses, meaning settings who participate in this scheme will incur no cost. The only commitment we ask of the settings is that they provide the job-seeker with a full interview at the end of their stay with no obligation to offer them a place.

Job Centre Plus are also offering smaller businesses the opportunity to qualify for a £2000 grant if they were to hire any of those taking place in the scheme that have been unemployed for over 6 months.

If the pilot scheme proves to be a success the plan is to expand on this and open up the opportunity to further areas across the country.

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