Abacus is specifically designed with nursery and nursery chains in mind, simplifying all your administration tasks into one easy to use system.  At the click of a button, you can manage each area of your business – saving you hours each week.

Here is a list of the common problems which nurseries encounter and how our nursery management software can help.


“I need an easy way to store information about each child.”

Abacus allows you to capture key information about each child. You will quickly be able to find critical details, such as allergies and primary carer, in the event of an emergency.


“Sometimes I lose track of session bookings.”

Abacus instantly tells you how many spaces are available for each room, week by week, based on the attendances booked.  These sessions are broken down into 15 minute segments and can be booked as far in advance as needed.


“I need to generate invoices that display free entitlement.”

Adding free entitlement can be time consuming – however Abacus can help. It will generate invoices that display free entitlement in line with Local Authority legislation and make it easy for parents to see.


“I find it difficult to keep track of nursery fee payments.”

Abacus has a built in Fee Planner* system which enables you to have your nursery fees paid straight into your bank account every month. This will save you time chasing parents, avoiding any potential conflict or embarrassment.


 “I need a better way of communicating with parents about all aspects of their child’s care.”

Using our Parent Portal, parents have a secure gateway to access their child’s information, account details and invoicing history. Parents can highlight any errors, request changes to be made to their information, or add extra sessions from  the comfort of their  home.


“It’s difficult for me to identify who owes me money.”

Abacus can generate reports to see who owes you money, how much and since when.  Other reports, such as future fee prediction, allow  you to have a detailed insight into the financial efficiency of your nursery at the touch of a button. 


“I need to track staff qualifications and courses.”

A nursery management system would not be complete without being able to track staff development. On each staff member’s profile, you can record qualifications achieved or training courses pending, and staff appraisals.


“I find it hard to use new technology.”

You will receive full training on Abacus to make sure you understand how it works. However, should you forget or need help, our customer care team are always happy to assist you with any concerns or queries.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer support – our people are available 12 hours a day, five days a week.


“Staff ratios are difficult for me to manage.”

Using Abacus, you can easily organise staff rotas by sessions and rooms each day, with the option to repeat the shift pattern when desired.  These will allow you to adhere to the government limits without having to worry.


“I have to update all my records manually – it’s exhausting.”

Abacus is a one stop solution for everything you need to manage your nursery – if you update one part of the system, it will update the relevant records connected to it. There’s no need to keep piles of messy paperwork and amend these by hand.

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