The countdown has begun! In just under three weeks’ time we will be inviting friends and colleagues on a five day trip to Uganda to visit several school projects and officially open a new preschool.

As part of the visit, our very own Marie Kershaw, Product Manager, has pledged to raise £600 to buy 120 mosquito nets for the children who will attend our school.

Marie’s efforts so far have included:

-       3 cake bake sales (£141 raised)

-       Organising a quiz night on 18th May

-       Collecting donations for raffle prizes

-       “Guess a Football Team”, winner receives 10% of total prize money – (£50 raised so far)

In Uganda, malaria kills 350 children every day. It is spread by the bite of female mosquitoes, particularly during night time. Children under 5 are more vulnerable and likely to die from contracting the virus as their bodies are not strong enough to combat it.

Malaria is treatable if the child is given access to immediate medical care, but sadly due to the remote nature of many parts of Africa and high cost of medicine for many families; children are often unable to access life saving treatment. Therefore, sleeping under mosquito nets goes hand in hand with preventing the spread of the virus.

At just £5 each, the cost of buying a mosquito net could mean the difference between life and death for a Ugandan child.

If you would like to contact Marie to pledge money or to donate an item for the raffle, please email marie.kershaw@parenta.com.

Or you can make a donation to the next pre-school through our Just Giving page!

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