Grace Shiers, aged 4, has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk without help. She met Archie Lowe, also 4, at Farlington Day Nursery, in Havant Road, Portsmouth and the pair have been firm friends ever since.

Grace needs a life changing operation in the USA, costing £65,000 to help her to walk. The operation is called a selective dorsal rhizotomy and will mean that she has a chance of kicking a ball, walking the family dog, and playing with her friends without help.

Farlington Day Nursery and the nursery’s sister site, Dolls House Nursery, held a week of fundraising for Archie’s best friend. So far £2,000 has been raised through their combined efforts.

Archie’s mum Claire Graf, 29, of Skye Close, Cosham, said: ‘Katy and I have been friends since college and we are very good friends. We were pregnant together, and our children were born months apart. Shortly after Archie’s first birthday he had a liver transplant.

‘Katy supported us through that and now we are supporting Grace.’

The operation will take place in St Louis Hospital in Missouri and can be carried out in August this year. To date, £19,470 has been raised to help Grace but the family now have a race against time to meet their target.

To find out more and donate money to Grace’s cause, please visit http://www.justgiving.com/gracesgoal

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