There are many different ways to harness the power of advertising to increase the occupancy at your setting. However, the cost of engaging with new parents does not necessarily need to leave a hole in your pocket. Here is a pick of our top 5 ways to make your nursery more popular:

1.       Create a website

More and more parents are turning to the internet to find nurseries near them, so this is an avenue you cannot afford not to use!  Websites do not cost thousands of pounds any more – in fact, you can have a simple, effective website built which costs very little.

2.       Host an open day

Invite parents, children and the local press to an open day. This is an opportunity to showcase to people how fantastic your setting is. Put up bouncy castles and arrange plenty of exciting activities to keep the children occupied whilst you impress potential parents with a show around.

3.       Use social media

This is the cheapest form of advertising for your setting. Create a Facebook or Twitter account to detail upcoming events at your setting. For instance, you could update followers with pictures about what each class is getting up to - a great example of how to do this is https://www.facebook.com/blackboyspreschool.

4.       Have clear, quality signage

An attractive, clear sign can help you stand apart from your competitors and let potential parents know how they can contact you to find out more about at your setting. Make sure key information -such as your telephone number- is easily visible to people on foot and to traffic passing by.

5.       Provide an information pack

Give potential parents an information pack which provides full details of the facilities you offer. Even if you’ve managed to impress them on the show around, it’s great for them to have information to take away and read at their own leisure. If your setting is in a locally diverse area, you could even translate your pack into other languages like Bengali or Punjabi.

Did you know we do social media packages to help you set up Facebook and Twitter for your nursery?




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