Listening closely to what parents have to say is an important part of running a successful setting. Positive comments from parents can be a way of monitoring progress, but negative comments are useful too as they can be used to improve upon the service you offer.

Here’s how to get better feedback:

Use many different opportunities to speak with parents about what they think of your service, both formally and informally

When a parent comes to review their child’s progress, this could be used as an opportunity for the parent to fill in a short 5 minute questionnaire  about what they think of the service your setting provides, and ask if they think anything could be improved.

Alternatively, if you invoice parents electronically, you could send a link to a satisfaction survey. Survey Gizmo and Survey Monkey are free online tools that can help with this.

Have a highly visible Feedback page on your website and encourage parents to submit comments so you can monitor how well you’re doing.

Make sure the manager’s contact details are easy to find on your website.  Chat to parents when they join your setting, to make sure they know that whatever concerns they may have in the future, that they can contact the manager at any time.

When it’s not going so well:

Take complaints seriously – if a parent makes a complaint about your service, try not to get emotional. React in a calm and polite manner, and give them  a time frame when they can expect a response. Use their complaint as a drive to make positive changes to your setting in the future.

If the worse happens and parents withdraw a child from your settingmake sure you know the reasonIf you don’t ask, there’s little you can do to  minimise this happening in the future.

Do you have any top tips of your own? Let us know!

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