Looking for ways to save your setting money and be kinder to the environment? There are plenty of small steps you can take to make a big difference to your energy usage and cut down on your excess waste.

In addition to this, using the theme of “Recycling” as part of your educational activities will not only help the children understand the importance of reducing waste,  it can also be used to fulfil part of the EYFS framework.

Here’s a look at our top ways to make your nursery greener:

1.       Electricity

  • Unplug power adapters and battery chargers when they are not in use
  • Turn off lights when leaving a room if they are not needed anymore
  • Turn off computers completely overnight
  • Only boil as much water as you need in staff room kettles

2.       Paper? – no problem

3.       Food for thought

  • Recycle food containers such as plastic bottles  (if they cannot be used for craft activities)
  • Use excess water on plants
  • Use plastic tubs to keep food in, instead of foil or cling film
  • Build a wormery to show children how food products can be broken down

4.       It’s child’s play! Inspirational ideas

  • Create colourful displays around recycling bins to show children which items can be recycled and encourage them to take part
  • Create a progress chart to show children week by week how much is being recycled
  • Make sorting games around plastic, cardboard and paper
  • Display mnemonics such as “Wash it, squash it and pop it” to remind children of the recycling process.

Want to be greener?

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