Out of school clubs provide care for children for busy working parents outside of the normal school hours.  These include breakfast clubs, after school and holiday clubs.

Parents take into account many factors when choosing a suitable club for their children, including value for money. Aside from this, we have listed the main questions they are likely to ask before making their final decision:

“Will I be allowed to look around?”

Parents like the ability to look around the club to see how the staff and children interact with each other and also have a chance to absorb the atmosphere. At this point, it would be good opportunity to invite the child to come and have a look around too so they have a sense of involvement in the process.

“What are the range of activities on offer?”

Busy children are happy children! Parents will want to explore what activities are on offer at the club to make sure they get value for money and also give them peace of mind that their child will find spending time at the club enjoyable.

“Is the club flexible with dates?”

Parents will be reassured if your club is flexible with bookings.  If they are able to change the day their child is booked in for or are able to book holidays without any fuss, then they are more likely to be won over.

“What will the club do to make my child feel settled?”

Many clubs will be able to chat to parents about what the process is for welcoming a new child into the club to make them feel at ease very quickly. For instance, the club may nominate another child which can be their “buddy” for the period that the new child is settling in.

“What is the quality of the indoor/outdoor spaces?”

Parents will want to be shown that the club is clean, well kept and a safe environment for children. In addition, there should areas for children to be playful and boisterous as well as areas for children to carry out quieter activities, such as drawing or reading a book.

And finally:

“What do other parents have to say?”

The opinions of other parents really do matter. If you can either collect positive testimonials to show how happy existing parents are with your service (using Facebook or your own website), or even set up a meeting for a potential parent to chat with an existing one – you will be able to put to bed any concerns or issues they may have.

Having great nursery management software will give a positive impression to new parents.

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